Ain’t it Just Perfect though?

I was walking through my house this morning doing a million things, like cleaning breakfast dishes, organizing some things in our office, giving a pony ride (I was the pony, my son was the happy pony rider) and then I walked into our living room. There were dishes from last night when my husband and I shared some vanilla bean ice cream, hair on the floor from my dog, even though I had just vacuumed Friday night after work, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw some dust on the….okay the dust is everywhere 😉

So, I said to myself, “Self, didn’t I JUST clean this house?” Didn’t I just do these dishes, didn’t I just put those cute little brown shoes by the door yesterday? Yes, I did. I was briefly irritated at this vicious clean, work, school, sleep, repeat pattern that I am always doing but then I remembered something…

We have so much to be thankful for; my house is full of toys, and some days they are everywhere. But my son is also happy and safe. There are dishes on the counter at times, but that means we just ate. I could go on but you get the point. So much of this stuff just don’t matter. Live life and be happy, make memories and be with people you love.

That is what I am going to do. Someday when little Davey is at college, or married and raising a family of his own, maybe I will have lots of time to do all these other things. But, in the meantime, Lord, I am just going to be happy if things are at least in the ROOM they belong in and not necessarily put away! Am I speaking to anyone?;)



Reflective tonight

I sit here writing tonight my first official blog. The house is a little chilly and I am listening to my son sing through the baby monitor. He is three and a really good singer.

I am excited for fall and all the things that come with it, like Chili, football, and apple cider. This time of year has always been my favorite. The smell in the air, the crunchy leaves under my feet and searching for the perfect pumpkin have always been among some of the top things that make me smile.

I miss my grandma though too this time of year. We had a special bond. She died three years ago. I remember because my son was only a few months old and I was still on maternity leave. We traveled to Omaha two weeks before she died and we got a picture with her, my mom, me, and my new son. One of those generational photo’s. It is so special to me. I would give anything to call her house and have her answer the phone just once more. She was the best.

One thing I know for sure, Grandma is LOVING her some heaven. Grandma loved babies. I always joke (mostly to myself) that Grandma didn’t even probably “check in” when she got there. I am guessing she went straight past Saint Peter and found herself wondering around looking for the room with all the babies. Sadly, there are babies in heaven. Happily, my grandma is loving them.


Hello world!

Hi. I am Melissa. I work in finance but love to write. It has always been a passion of mine. So, this is sort of an outlet that will allow me to write and share life stories with others.

I plan to share stories about being a wife, a mom, and a child of God. I hope to connect with others and help others in any way I can. Sometimes knowing that others are experiencing the exact same things you are in this life, really helps.

I am excited an hope that you enjoy my blog!