These are the things I miss….

The orange sun too early with the roosters crow
College World Series traffic and parking cars on the short summer grass
Fireworks and the smell of baseball peanuts
Jumping into cold horse tank water because you just can’t wait
Sleeping bags and giggles on my mom’s dining room floor
Pink bike helmets and dresses on Sunday

I miss being a kid. I was good at it. I miss Nebraska and I miss most of my family living within walking distance of each other. I miss my grandma. She was awesome. She gave me ice cream whenever; not dependent on what time of day it was or if I had anything else to eat that day. Red lipstick and playing outside were always allowed.

Happy Memories…..



My husband Dave and I celebrated five years of marriage yesterday.

Lots of people love Dave. Hearing sweet stories of ways he has helped someone never surprise me. If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “I just love Dave. You’re so lucky,” I’d have somewhere in the neighborhood of $876 dollars.

After five years, Dave still makes me laugh. Just tonight he went to McDonalds to get a peppermint McFlurry and he walks in to the living room with just one. So, I said to my loving husband, “Did you only get one?” Dave says with a straight face, “Oh, did you want one too?” In my head I was thinking, are you freaking serious? Of course I want a freaking McFlurry!! Then he walks to the kitchen and come back with my McFlurry. He just loves to mess with me…he does stuff like this all the time.

I used to think we had do all these things together and have the same interests in order to be truly in love. I don’t think this is the case anymore. Truth is we have a plethora of different interests. Dave likes beer, rock concerts, and camping. I like books, church and bug-free environments. But we do love each other very much. He can still fix the worst day ever with just a hug. I’ve learned that we can find our strengths and inspirations outside of each other and bring that back to one another.

I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with my sweetheart Dave. I am so glad The Lord gave me such a great man.