Am I doing alright?

Somewhere, long ago I heard the words, “what everyone else thinks of you is none of your business.”

I would say that most often I adopt these words; they are freeing. It should matter only how I see myself & how God sees me. Most often others see you through their lenses & life experiences anyway.

Every once in a while though, you can’t help but wonder what others think of you. How do they really see you and you think you might want to know. If everyone compiled their thoughts of you in a little book, would you even want to read it? I really don’t think I’d want to….but still….

You just want to know am I doing it right? This wife/mom/daughter/co-worker/friend, etc thing right? Am I doing alright? Sometimes you just want a little voice other than your own that says, “you’re a good mom” or “you handled that right” et cetera.

You often read the book of the things you did wrong; the world speaks up about those but we should tell each other good stuff & compliment each other for things in our character done right. It’s so unheard of but perhaps we could all try it a little more in case it’s just what someone needed to hear that day.


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