Be kind to one another.

We never ever know the deep inner pockets of others; not really. We don’t know their deep stresses; their worries. Not by looking anyway. Maybe they just got a scary diagnosis. Maybe they lost a loved one recently (or 4 years ago & are still just breathing through it). Maybe they’re depressed. Maybe they have anxiety. Maybe they are insecure. WE NEVER KNOW. 

I’m a far cry from perfect. I check myself all the time. To be loving. To be kind. To be forgiving. To be understanding. To be how my loving father wants me to be. I fall short. His grace covers me and I get up and start over. 

You never know what someone is going through. I’ll share my real life example. My mom is not yet post 1 year of chemotherapy and radiation. On a DAILY basis she still feels some of the effects of chemotherapy. Out of respect for her and her privacy, I won’t go into detail. But, to look at her, you would never know. She’s done with treatment. Her hair has grown back in, etc. One year from her cancer diagnosis, she was in a bad car accident. Currently, she has fractures in her back pelvic bone. You also wouldn’t know this just by looking at her. 

My point is, be kind. Be understanding. Listen. Love. It’s a short time we’re here. And on the inside, we are all the same. We laugh, we love, we hurt, we cry. And we never know much about the inside and what others are going through. 

Be kind. 

❤️ Melissa