Invite Him to Come

God’s not said yes to every little thing I’ve asked. Praise you God. It’s difficult to understand the no in a seemingly easy prayer that should be a yes. A prayer for someone or something that we’ve prayed over for years and years. We don’t understand. We don’t understand, but our eyes are on you, Lord. 

There is one prayer he’s always answered instantly though, and it’s always been a yes. I’ve looked to him with big eyes at whatever laid ahead and said, but will you come with me? It’s always an instant yes. So maybe if you feel like you’re getting a no….no….you know I ain’t doing that….just ask him to come. It will always be an instant yes. Truth is, he’s never been anywhere else except right with us. Beside us, in front of us….in us…wherever we need him. 

#god #christianity #spiritual #faith

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