Fourth and One

Fourth and One. That was the title of our pastors sermon this morning. It’s a football term. I’m not the best with football. I like to watch it, but sometimes have no idea what’s happening. But, stay with me. 

Fourth and One. Fourth down, one yard to go. It’s crunch time. What do you do? You punt right? The goal is right there. You can see it. Did you know, the answer is not to punt? Just go for it! Statistically, teams win more when they go for it and choose not to punt. 

How often is the goal right there for you? The Lord’s blessing is right there, but he needs us to go for it! Don’t punt. Don’t miss the gift in doing the harder thing. 

I was reminded of the part in Numbers where they were so close to the promised land. The land that flowed with milk and honey and they wanted to turn back to Egypt. God had brought them so far, they were inches from the goal post and it was like, nah, let’s just go back to Egypt. This looks so good, but it looks really hard. What is Egypt to you? What is stopping you from receiving the blessings?

Drop the fear. Leave it at the alter and go and receive his love. Go receive his gift. You’re right at the goal post. Run it!

#faith #hope #love #god #religion #fear 

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