My Cup Runneth Over

Snuggling with my little man, he says to me, “Momma what color are your eyes?”
Me: What color are they? (I opened my eyes real wide so he could see them and check)
Little man: Blue. Momma has blue eyes. (He then puts his finger up and points to his eyes) and says, these are my daddy’s eyes.
Me: Yup, you have your daddy’s eye’s.
Little man: Nope, my daddy has mine (giggle).
Me: You have something of mommy’s though…You know what it is?
Little man: Ya
Me: You have mommy’s heart

I love my son more than I have ever found words for. I miss him when he is not around. I can watch him play, and smile all day and never tire of him. I love his squeaky three year old voice and I love how he thinks and tries to make sense of the world and categorize the things that are happening around him. He is awesome. Children are awesome.

I hope he knows his whole life how deeply loved he is and how wonderfully special he is.

God Bless,