What I hope he learns

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day, it said, “Do no harm (but take no shit.)” I instantly thought, oh my goodness, that is exactly what I want my son to know. Do no harm son. Be kind. Go the extra mile. Do unto others, etc., but if someone is harming you or taking advantage of you, or hurting you, do not put up with that shit.

Our best friends are dealing with a bully in their son’s school and it breaks my heart and pisses me off because I love them and I love their son. I see it through a mother’s eyes and I see it through the eyes of the child. Why does this happen? Why do we not have zero tolerance for bullies in school? How does one learn and excel when they are worried about getting jumped on the playground or the bus ride home?

My son is three but I worry about him out in the world without me; in kindergarten, junior high, and in his thirties. I cannot always protect him and I want him to use his head as well as his heart, but I never want him to be bullied. Of course, I know that no mother does and I know that no mother wants their child to be the bully.

I hope my husband and I can teach him the right equation of love, kindness, and standing up for yourself. I don’t even mean physically standing up for yourself, but just showing the world that he will be treated with kindness and decency, and respect. I know most of this comes from treating the world (i.e others) with kindness, decency, and respect and it will come back to you, but there are always some people that don’t play by the rules and I just…..I just want my little man to know that you should be kind but its okay to stand up for yourself too. That you should stand up for yourself.

I should clarify that my friend who is dealing with this, has taught her son this very thing and he is so much of a sweetie pie that he will not harm someone. Even when someone puts their hands on him, he will not hurt them back. He said he just can’t. How sweet is that? Her and I have spoke and I can see my son being the same way. He is such a sweet, sensitive kid, but as a mother you just want to know your kid is going to be okay when you are not around.

I wish bullying and meanness did not exist in this world. I Wish we were all just kind to one another. All the time then we would not have to worry about this.